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Convert PowerPoint presentations (PPT) to WMV, AVI video with sound, with live webcamera
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16 June 2015

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Converts PowerPoint presentations (PPT) into MPEG, AVI, VideoCD, WMV video with sound. NTSC, PAL, video and audio compression modes are supported. Pros: PowerPoint presentations are converted to video by this application. Video formats supported are MPEG, AVI, VCD, WMV video with sound as are NTSC, PAL, Video and audio compression modes.

User interaction is through a series of screens that lets user to specify the input and output files, a temporary file also could be specified for complete flexibility of operations. Depending on the video format to be supported one can select resolutions and video frame rates from drop down lists. During conversion, one can have options of advancing the slides. While it can be manually advanced one has the options of automatically advancing these at fixed time intervals or as with a slideshow. If there are advancing time specified or as it happens in the slide show when no time is specified.

User interactions and the screen panels are quite well designed and simple to use, fairly intuitive too. The quality of the video produce would depend on the quality of the codecs used. Effectiveness of these could not be measured directly.

Cons: Some of the video produced in resolution and frame settings mode the video produced is not good quality. 800x600 resolution and NTSC frame rates produced quite good results.

Overall: While the application is simple to use, has effective user interfaces and easy to learn, overall quality is marred by the video produced in some settings. Overall rating of the application is, thus, at a level of 3 stars only.

Publisher's description

Convert PowerPoint presentations (PPT) to WMV, AVI video with sound, add live web camera video with narration, export to HTML page.
* PPT To Video Scout converts PowerPoint presentations to AVI or WMV video with sound;
* Converts PowerPoint to video for Website (PPT to HTML page with video player for your own web-site);
* Converts PowerPoint to YouTube ready video;
* Keeps original animation and effects of PowerPoint presentations.
More benefits:
* Supported video formats: WMV, AVI, lossless AVI and other external codecs (DivX and other);
* Supported conversion modes: Normal (as viewed by F5 in PowerPoint), Automatic Slide Show, Manual mode;
* NTSC, PAL and custom resolutions and frame rates are supported;
* Supports All Effects, Animations, Sounds and Embedded Video in presentations;
* Audio conversion and recording support;
* NEW! You can Record Video With Yourself Narrating Presentation:
Command-line driven version is also available for software developers to incorporate conversion into their applications
PPT To Video Scout
PPT To Video Scout
Version 2.50.51
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